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Why Us

Our Online Classes


Chess Master’s program is an innovative online training program which help your child to learn fast and become a better player. Lessons have been carefully designed for different playing levels from Beginners to Elite level.

Chess Emperor has an amazing team of coaches from all around the world.

And the best thing about program is,you can participate in the Chess Master program for one week, without any commitments and then, you can decide whether your child loves this or not.


Learn from your home. This saves a lot of time.

Chess Master’s Program and our online classes give students the opportunity to plan their study time around rest of the day.

One of the great benefits of getting an online class is that you can manage time between classes. The great thing about online classes vs. traditional classes is the flexibility you have to communicate with your Coaches.


Get online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.

In our Chess Master's program, Chess Emperor will be sending you weekly puzzles and homework that is individually made for your child requirements (Imagine your child is not good in sacrifices, We will make him puzzles for sacrifices that are not in any of the books Published and only made by Chess Emperor team to suit your child ) Each student will be focused individually, and your child will get personalized lesson materials during his / her classes. And you will get a progress report on your child during classes your child’s progress.


Analysis of games helps you improve after each game.

In all our classes, our coaches are well experienced and professional coaches. Not only that, they all have ratings and achieved many things along their chess career. Your child will get the exposure to international level of chess and he will be trained under a unique syllabus that is made by Russian, Netherland and Chinese Grand Masters.

Instead of having the same teacher through the program we use specially trained coaches for different kinds of Theory and Tactics which they are expertise in.